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Artemisia Oil

Bella Mira Essential Oil : Artemisinin Essential Oil               

Country Of Origin: India

Certification: Organic

Classification: Artemisia annua Essential Oil 

Other Names: Wormwood Essential Oil, Sweet Annie Essential Oil, Capillaris Essential Oil, Chinese Wormwood Essential Oil, Wormwood Oil, Wormwood Extract, Artemisinin Extraction, Artemisia

Found in Blends: Tummy Rub

Interesting Facts: In times past Artemisinin was thought to counteract poison. Artemisinin was also strewn about chambers to repel moths, fleas and other insects. When rumors of plague breaking out in London hit the streets in 1760, merchants reported running out of Artemisinin due to the huge public demand.

The use of Artemisinin in beverages dates back many centuries, perhaps as far back as the Saracens. Various methods of consumption have been used throughout history, including mixing Artemisinin essential oil with beer or adding wormwood seeds to the distillation of whisky.

Most famous however is the mixing of the wormwood drug absinthe with anise to produce the intoxicating beverage known as absinthe. Overuse of this drink had devastating effects in Europe in the 18th century, with overindulgence known to have brought about paralysis.

Wormwood is employed today in the making of vermouth, and accounts for this drink’s characteristic bitter flavor.

Artemisinin Uses:  Artemisinin essential oil is beneficial for respiratory congestion and infection, catarrh, anti-cancer, anti-malarial properties. Artemisinin essential oil effective against intestinal parasites. Artemisinin essential oil is also effective as a uterine and womb tonic. Artemisinin Essential oil treats urinary tract infections caused by the Klebsiella bacteria. Artemisinin essential oil is also very effective against River Blindness (Onchocerciasis). Artemisinin Essential oil aids in the secretion of bile thus soothing intestinal tissues and helping with fat digestion. May aid in the discomfort of gall stones and assist in the cleansing of the gall bladder and liver.

Artemisnin Constituents: alpha-pinene, camphene, ß-pinene, myrcene, 1,8-cineole, artemisia ketone, linalool, camphor, borneol, and ß-caryophyllene


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