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Holy Basil Oil

Bella Mira Essential Oil : Holy Basil Essential Oil                          

Country Of Origin: India

Certification: Organic

Classification: Ocimum Sanctum

Found in Blends: Wisdom, Immune Strength, Hair Support, Potential, Humble Spirit, and Zest

Other Names: tulsi essential oil, tulasi essential oil,

Interesting Facts: Hindus regard it as an earthly manifestation of goddess Vrindavani, who is dear to Lord Vishnu. It has been widely grown throughout the world and commonly cultivated in gardens.

Holy Basil Oil Use: Holy Basil essential oil is capable of rejuvenating the system quickly. Holy Basil essential oil is anti-allergic, antispasmodic, anti-infections, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Holy Basil essential oil enhances immunity and metabolic functions, reduces stress, asthma, and diabetes. Holy Basil essential oil protects against stress induced ulcers, coughs, mild upper respiratory infections, and indigestion. Holy Basil essential oil has been used in the treatment of ringworm, malaria, cholera, constipation, vomiting, catarrh, ear infections, dysentery, fever, and nerves. Holy Basil essential oil is a powerful mosquito repellent, deodorant, cardiotonic, blood purifier, and is beneficial for skin disorders.

Holy Basil Oil Properties (Constituents): Volatile oil 0.4-0.8% containing chiefly eugenol app. 21% & B-caryophyllene 37% (eugenol content reaches maximum in spring & minimum in autumm). A no. of sesquiterpenes & monoterpenes viz., bornyl acetate, -elemene, methyleugenol, neral, -pinene, camphene, a-pinene etc. : ursolic acid, campesterol, cholesterol, stigmasterol, -sitosterol and methyl esters of common fatty acids.


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