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There are many uses for vinegar. If you are searching for new and effective methods in cleaning your body, saving money in regards to your personal hygiene or if you would simply like to use methods of cleaning your body with out the added chemicals used in other treatments continue to read through the following to find a home vinegar remedy that will work for you and your family. Many of these tips and ideas have been brought down from generation to generation and now are being written here passed down to you.

Hair conditioning
Looking to improve your hair strength, style, and cleanliness use one cup of apple cider vinegar with one quart of water. This strips the wax build up from shampoos and styling aids leaving your hair clean!

Washing hair
Washing your hair with vinegar using the above formula also helps if you are a dandruff sufferer.

Do you suffer from headaches? Using a washcloth, soak in vinegar; place it on your forehead for quick and effective relief. 

Another historical remedy for relieving a headache is to soak a brown paper bag in apple vinegar and apply to your forehead. Same results, just different delivery for relieving headaches, but still an inexpensive solution for the migraine sufferer.

If you have been dealing with a problem of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome try this ongoing remedy. Sip water with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar during the day. Your symptoms will lessen drastically.

Upset stomach
You can cure an upset stomach by drinking two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar mixed in one cup water.  Some people like to drink this warm.

Yeast infections
If you have troubles with reoccurring yeast infections use about a cup of vinegar in your bath water. This is also safe for children who have yeast infection problems. Use this bath twice a day. Much less expensive than over the counter medications.

You can also create your own vinegar douche using one cup of white vinegar and filling the bottle with water. Cut your hygiene costs to pennies.

Vinegar in drinking water is very effective in eliminating the low-grade fevers that are present in chronic fever sufferers. Mix four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of drinking water. Drink up to one gallon each day to fight a fever.

Have you been stung by a bee or wasp lately? Just grab a cotton ball soak in cider vinegar and hold to the sore spot. You can also tape this on the affected area if you want. Within just a few minutes the pain stops. Donít forget to get the stinger out if this was a bee sting!

Thirst quencher
Do you often find yourself very thirsty and nothing can quench your thirst? Use apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water for fast relief.

Do you need a little pick me up? Use two cups of white grape juice, two cups of apple juice and mix with one cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix well and refrigerate. Dink a small cup of this mixture each morning to get your body going. 

Sassy children
While this may not be the most popular tip, using vinegar on the tongue of a sassy child will prevent them from saying another nasty word when they are learning to repeat what others say!

Muscle cramps
Are your suffering from muscle cramps, they are caused by low levels of potassium. Use 1 teaspoon of vinegar rubbed on the area to relieve the cramp quickly.

Swimmers ear
Have you been searching for a cure for swimmers ear? Use one half teaspoon white vinegar with one teaspoon rubbing alcohol tipped in the ear and then tip your head the other way so it can drain out while evaporating any water in your ear.

If you suffer from Arthritis, use two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water and drink this three times a day. While this remedy will take two or three days to provide relief many notice a difference quickly.

Weight control
Are you having trouble controlling your weight? Vinegar helps control the fat your body absorbs. Again, remember the more vinegar you drink the worse your perspiration will Ďsmellí.

Denture cleaning
Do you wear dentures but find they are hard to keep clean? When cleaning dentures leave your dentures in vinegar for as long as you would leave them in a denture cleanser, which is about 15 minutes to half an hour or even over night. Then brush them thoroughly as you normally would. Your dentures will be cleaner and whiter than a dental cleaner can do it!

Stiff neck
Do you often have a stiff neck? Use an even mixture of vinegar and warm water, soak a rag, and wrap lightly around your neck. If possible leave this on over night and in the morning you will not believe the difference.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Use a quick mixture of one-teaspoon honey mixed with one teaspoon of vinegar to drift off quickly with out the use of chemicals or after effects!

Dipping your toothbrush in vinegar not only will fight bacteria on your toothbrush and in your mouth, but will help to whiten your teeth. 

Do you have a nagging problem with the hiccups? Use one teaspoon of vinegar to stop your hiccups quickly.

Fruit staining
If you continually find your hands stain from fruit rub vinegar over them like you are washing with soap to remove the stains.

Kool aid stained hands
If you have ever made kool aid and found your hands quickly are covered in kool aid colors, use vinegar to wash your hands to remove coolant quickly.

If you need for a liniment try this. Beat 1 whole egg; add 1-cup vinegar and 5 drops Release Essential Oil.

Seafood allergies
Do you suffer from allergies to seafood. Try dipping the seafood in vinegar before eating. NOTE: this may not work for all users.

Boils and ingrown hairs
Many people have problems with boils and ingrown hairs that leave scars. Using hot towel or hot pack soaked in vinegar on the affected area for fifteen to twenty minutes three or four times a day will bring the area to a point where the puss will ease out. It is also important not to squeeze the area. This can save you a trip to the doctors.

Soft hands
Spray your hands with a mist of vinegar, or dip them in vinegar and dry after washing dishes or having them in soapy water to keep your hands soft.

Jelly fish sting
Soothe a jellyfish sting by dousing the area with vinegar. This will soothe irritation and relieve itching. Easy and inexpensive!

Do you bruise easily? Use a mixture of vinegar and cold water, wetting your towel, and apply overnight. You can even tape the towel on or use an ace bandage to better placement. 

If you have burned yourself cooking, a quick dose of vinegar on the burn will prevent blistering in that area.

If you are looking for a natural deodorant that will neutralize the odor from your body, dab a little vinegar under your arms every morning to neutralize your bodiesí ph balance. You can easily use this method in the shower in the mornings without making a mess.

Head lice
When children get lice, take warm vinegar, and put it on the hair also take your nit comb and dip it in the vinegar. As you run it through the hair it helps remove the nits. It helps break down the glue the nits use to stay attached to the hair.